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Exploring Mortgage Types with Houz Mortgages

Exploring Mortgage Types with Houz Mortgages

When it comes to securing a mortgage, the array of options can be overwhelming. At Houz Mortgages, we specialise in guiding clients through the complexities of different mortgage types, ensuring you make informed decisions that suit your financial goals and lifestyle needs. Here’s a brief overview of the various mortgage types we can assist with, including residential, buy-to-let, holiday let, and specialist mortgages.

Residential Mortgages

A Home of Your Own

Residential mortgages are the most common type, designed for people buying a property to live in. These mortgages come in various forms, including fixed-rate, where the interest rate is set for a specific period, and variable-rate, where the rate can fluctuate. We can help you understand the implications of each and find a mortgage that aligns with your financial stability and future plans.

Residential Case Study: Overcoming Credit and Deposit Challenges for a First-Time Home Buyer

Introduction Buying a first home is a dream for many, but it can come with its own set of challenges. This was the case for one of our client, a first-time buyer with a limited credit history, a 5% deposit, and an income largely based on commission. The primary hurdle was finding a lender who would accept these circumstances and lend the required amount.

Background Our client, eager to step onto the property ladder, faced two significant obstacles. Firstly, his limited use of credit had resulted in a low credit score. Secondly, his deposit was only 5%, lower than what many lenders prefer. Additionally, the variability of his commission-based income added complexity to the affordability assessments typically conducted by lenders.

Solution At Houz Mortgages, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities. To navigate this complex situation, we utilised technology, including affordability software and comprehensive credit report software. These tools enabled us to conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s financial standing and identify potential lenders who could accommodate his unique circumstances.

After thorough research and assessment, we identified Atom Bank‘s Digital Mortgages as a suitable lender. Our expertise and understanding of their lending criteria assured us that they would be open to considering our client’s application, despite his credit score and deposit limitations.

Results The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Upon application, Digital Mortgages made an instant offer to our client. Their cutting-edge approach meant there was no need for a physical valuation or underwriting of documents, as everything was efficiently automated. This not only expedited the process but also provided an exceptional service experience for our client.

Conclusion This case exemplifies our commitment to finding bespoke solutions for our clients, regardless of the complexities involved. By leveraging technology and our in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, we were able to secure a first-time home for our client.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Investing in Property

Buy-to-let mortgages are for properties purchased with the intention of renting them out. These mortgages typically require a larger deposit than residential mortgages and have different lending criteria, as the loan is often assessed on the potential rental income rather than the borrower’s income. Our expertise lies in finding the most suitable buy-to-let mortgage for your investment ambitions.

Buy-to-Let Case Study: Smart Refinancing Solution for Repaying Residential Mortgage with Rental Property

Introduction In the unpredictable world of investments and economic fluctuations, our clients often face challenges that require innovative solutions. This case study highlights how we assisted a client in raising £100,000 against a mortgage-free rental property to repay their residential mortgage, a strategy necessitated by an unforeseen downturn in their investment portfolio.

Background Our client, approaching retirement, had initially planned to use their investments to repay their residential mortgage. However, the economic downturn, marked by rising inflation, adversely affected their investment value, leaving them short of the required amount. The challenge was to find an alternative solution without impacting their retirement plans.

Solution At Houz Mortgages, we understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in financial planning. We explored various options and decided that leveraging the equity in their mortgage-free rental property was the most viable solution. By arranging a buy-to-let mortgage with Leeds Building Society, we were able to raise the necessary funds. This mortgage was carefully selected to match the client’s needs, ensuring that the rental income would sufficiently cover the new mortgage payments. We secured a fixed-rate mortgage, providing the client with stability and the assurance that their pension income would remain untouched.

Results The strategy was a success. The client was able to repay their residential mortgage in full and on time, eliminating any debt as they entered retirement. The rental income from the property comfortably covered the buy-to-let mortgage payments, and the fixed-rate arrangement safeguarded them against future interest rate fluctuations. This solution not only resolved their immediate financial challenge but also allowed them a 10-year window to potentially grow their investments, with the aim of repaying the buy-to-let mortgage in the future.

Conclusion This case illustrates our dedication to providing tailored, strategic financial solutions to our clients. By thinking outside the box and leveraging existing assets, we helped our client navigate through a tough economic period without compromising their retirement plans.

Holiday Let Mortgages

A Home Away from Home

Holiday let mortgages are for properties rented out on a short-term basis to holidaymakers. These have different criteria compared to standard buy-to-let mortgages, often requiring proof of potential rental income and a larger deposit. We can guide you through the nuances of holiday let mortgages, ensuring you find a suitable deal for your holiday property investment.

Holiday Let Case Study: Navigating Refinancing Challenges for a High-Value Holiday Let in Devon

Introduction Refinancing in a climate of rising interest rates poses a unique set of challenges, especially for niche property investments like holiday lets. This case study showcases how we facilitated the successful refinancing of a high-value holiday let in Devon, leveraging our expertise in the market and a custom approach to lending.

Background The client owned a lucrative holiday let in Devon, a property with significant potential income, especially given its popularity on platforms like Airbnb and TripAdvisor. However, the increasing interest rates presented a challenge for refinancing. The client needed a solution that acknowledged the property’s earning potential and accommodated their financial goals.

Solution Understanding the specific nuances of the holiday let market is crucial, and at Houz Mortgages, we pride ourselves on this expertise. We approached the refinancing process with a strategy to present the property not just as real estate, but as a thriving business. Recognising that traditional lending criteria might not reflect the true value and potential of the holiday let, we identified Harpenden Building Society as the ideal lender. Their manual approach to lending and willingness to engage in direct discussions with mortgage underwriters provided the flexibility we needed. We presented a comprehensive view of the property’s performance and potential, ensuring that the lending decision was based on the actual business viability of the holiday let.

Results Our approach paid off. We secured an interest-only mortgage for the clients, extending beyond their state retirement age. This structure was particularly advantageous, as it allowed the clients to continue running the holiday let as a means to augment their retirement income. The mortgage terms acknowledged the ongoing income potential of the property, ensuring financial stability and profitability for the clients in their retirement years.

Conclusion This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering bespoke financial solutions, especially in challenging economic conditions. By understanding the unique aspects of the holiday let market and engaging with a lender that values a personalised approach, we achieved a successful outcome for our clients.

Complex Mortgages

Unique Financial Solutions

Complex mortgages cater to unique or complex situations, such as self-employment, adverse credit history, or purchasing unusual properties. These mortgages often require bespoke solutions and a deep understanding of the market. Our role is to navigate these complexities and secure a mortgage that fits your specific circumstances.

Complex Case Study: Securing Funding for a Property Developer with Variable Income

Introduction In the property development world, fluctuating income is a common challenge, especially when developers seek funding for new projects. This case study illustrates how we assisted a property developer in raising capital against his own self-built home for his next development venture, despite income variability shown in his financial records.

Background Our client, a seasoned property developer, needed to raise funds to invest in a new project. However, his financial history displayed a ‘feast and famine’ pattern typical in the development sector. The past three years, in particular, showed a low income trend, largely due to the timing of property completions and sales. This irregular income stream posed a significant challenge in securing a loan.

Solution At Houz Mortgages, we understand that standard lending criteria may not always accommodate the unique financial situations of our clients. To address this, we sought a lender that would be willing to consider a broader financial perspective. We chose Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for their ability to take a long-term view, examining a 6-year trading period rather than just the recent low-income years. This approach allowed us to demonstrate the client’s consistent success over a more extended period, instilling confidence in the lender about the client’s financial stability and the potential success of his upcoming project.

An additional complexity was the client’s recent high expenditure on a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday, using proceeds from a recent project sale. We communicated with the building society to ensure they understood this was an exceptional, non-recurring expense, which should not negatively impact the assessment of the client’s regular financial commitments.

Results Our tailored approach and clear communication with Hinckley & Rugby Building Society proved successful. The lender appreciated the property developer’s long-term financial stability and the viability of his upcoming project. Consequently, they provided the loan needed, fully acknowledging the client’s unique financial situation and the one-off nature of his recent expenditure.

Conclusion This case study highlights our commitment to finding creative and effective solutions for our clients, particularly when they face unconventional financial challenges. By partnering with a flexible lender and advocating for a broader evaluation of the client’s financial history, we were able to secure the necessary funding for the property developer’s next venture.

Our team at Houz Mortgages is equipped to provide expert advice and assistance, including referrals to specialists if required. From the standard residential mortgage to more niche products like holiday let or complex mortgages, we’re here to ensure you make the best choice for your financial future.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Buy to Lets.Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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